Arizona/Utah Trip – SEDONA

We took the boys to Utah in 2015 and ever since we have wanted to go back! On our first visit we hit the “Mighty Five” parks and they were amazing, but there was still so much more to see. This time we were sans kids and had a fabulous 10 days. We flew into Phoenix this time and started our trip in Sedona. First thing we did was stop at REI and picked up an America is Beautiful Pass which was well used and worth it. We were in Sedona for 3 days, but could have easily spent more time. So many amazing and different hikes, as well as interesting things to do here!

Hiking here was so different than what we are used to, with the red sand, cactus everywhere, different creatures (see tarantula below) and red rock cairns that guide the way. One hike I was super excited about was the Subway Cave. It’s just so cool that places like this exist and it was all I thought it would be. It was a little tricky to find, there is no signage, but I had directions from several bloggers and Youtube videos (my favourite being Jerry Arizona) and we found our way. Devil’s Bridge was another wow hike. I guess it’s very popular and busy, but in October there was hardly anyone there and we were able to walk right out onto it. There were so many more hikes that looked phenomenal, but so much to see and so little time. This is a place I would visit again. It felt like Phoenix’s Banff.

We splurged on a helicopter tour. We went with the Cathedral tour on Guidance Air . They were great. It was just us and our pilot Jake. He took us through canyons and over all the well known spots. It was really cool to see from the air and experience a helicopter ride. At least I thought it was great, Cory felt like we could plummet to our death at any moment. A little more Cory’s speed was renting mountain bikes. This was not my favourite, but Cory loved it. Sedona felt like a magical place, I don’t know how else to explain it.

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