Mighty Five Vacation | Grand Canyon/ Horseshoe Bend / Antelope Canyon

We took a really fun family trip this spring so please indulge me while my blog takes a little break from my normal postings of wedding, family and baby sessions.  Over spring break this year we flew into Vegas and picked up a beast of a vehicle (Ford Expedition) that wasn’t going to give my kids any motion sickness and set out to see the ‘Mighty Five’ (as they call them) National Parks of Utah with some cool stops along the way.  We took the new bridge with a great view of Hoover Dam and hit the Grand Canyon for sunset.  It was just as gorgeous as everything I’ve ever heard and definitely lives up to all the hype.  We spent a good part of the next day hiking around the rim and taking in the immense beauty and vastness of it.  Then back on the road to find Horseshoe Bend before calling it a night in nearby Page.

Horseshoe Bend was spectacular too.  It’s the beginning of the Grand Canyon and super cool to peer over the edge to see the rock formation and water winding around it.  My family wasn’t too happy with how close I got to the edge and in hindsight I should have just laid on my stomach to get the shot, but I didn’t lose my balance and I’m still here.  The next day was one of the highlights of our trip – Antelope Canyon!  If you ever get to this part of the states this is so very worth it!  The only way to access the slot canyon is with a guided tour and I thought Ken’s Tours did a fantastic job with their knowledgeable and friendly Navajo guides.  Our guide Taylor spent an hour and a half taking us through the canyon and it just blew me away.  I couldn’t get enough of it.  I also loved climbing out of the canyon and seeing how it looked like just a crack in the earth from ground level.  After experiencing Antelope Canyon we made our way to Moab with a stop at Monument Valley.  So cool to see this place in person after seeing it so often in movies.  We did the self-driving tour around all the viewpoints and that finally made me stop chattering about how much I loved Antelope Canyon on the drive there.

Stayed tune for my next post of all the cool stuff to do in the Moab area.


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