New York City Trip – Part I

Cory and I got away for 6 days in October to a city we’ve always wanted to visit, New York City! We had an incredible time. The first few days we felt a little over-stimulated. We had no idea how loud a city could be – lots of yelling, people walking down the street on Facetime and the honking, not like Canadian honking, but aggressive and a lot. The smells too, oh the smells. But all that didn’t matter after a day, the city was captivating.

We stayed at The Renwick in Midtown and it was perfect. We walked 23,000 – 25,000 steps every day and got pretty good at navigating the subway. We met some wonderful New Yorkers, a cab driver who almost killed us, ate some amazing food, now understand the fuss about New York pizza, saw so many places that we’ve seen on the big and small screen, and fell in love with Broadway. Scroll through the pictures to see the first 3 days of our trip.

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