Jack & Aritzia’s B’nai Mitzvah

This was my first B’nai Mitzvah for a brother and sister and it was spectacular! Alicia from AT Events Design pulled together a theme inspired by the city that never sleeps. This event was a true spectacle that blended the rich traditions of the ceremony with the vibrancy of the Big Apple held at Contemporary Calgary.

As guests arrived at the venue, they were greeted by a fabulous transformation of the outdoor space styled like Central Park. There was even a basketball area with some guys from our local Dinos team to shoot some hoops with the guests, along with signature drinks, popcorn and appetizers to nosh on.

The ceremony was held inside Contemporary Calgary in the dome. Playbills resembling those of Broadway shows adorned each seat, creating a theatre experience. As the brother and sister took centre stage, family and friends watched with pride as they delivered their speeches and read from the Torah, a moment that was both touching and inspiring.

The indoor party space was dazzling. It twinkled with the lights of New York City, creating a glamorous and sophisticated ambiance. The city’s skyline served as a backdrop, casting a dreamy glow over the dance floor. Guests couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the enchanting atmosphere as they danced the night away.

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