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Ah Cozumel!  What fun we had here!  This was the boy’s favorite stop!  The morning was all mine and we took a cab downtown and went shopping.  The boys followed me around and marveled at my bartering skills!  In the afternoon we met our tour and headed off to drive Mexican dune buggies through the jungle!



Our ship docked in Cozumel.


Before our tour – see how clean we are.


They gave us bandanas, goggles and we even rented shoes.


These were called X-Rails that we drove.  It was for sure the most fun excursion we did.

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The whole thing was about 4 hours.  The road was a little insane with deep rivets and holes.  It made for a very jarring, bumpy and fun ride!


We stopped at the Jade Cavern.  This place was beautiful.  We climbed down stairs to get to this very smelly (sulphur) pool of water.  It was adjacent to a bat cave and they were flying around.  Would you believe we got in and swam with bats flying around us!  It freaked me out a little when we saw them all clinging to the cave wall.


This is Miguel our guide.  He was awesome.  I drove into the fence and took out a pole.  This is Miguel coming to rescue me.  I felt so bad and he just laughed.  He took a picture for me, pulled it out of the grill and threw it into the forest.



Near the end of the road there was a massive puddle of mud (like we weren’t already dirty enough).  My son didn’t see if up ahead.  I put the peddle down as far as I could and ripped through the mud.  Jack didn’t see it coming and could only scream as mud flew all over us.  Good times.


We didn’t have time to shower off before getting into our cab.  We had to race back to our ship and literally made a run for the last gangplank.  The guys looked at us and said “what have you guys been doing!?”


Our final day was at sea.  I’m soaking up some sun on our balcony.



This is Ever our assistant waiter.  He did table tricks for us every night that we enjoyed.


Watching the sunset again from our dinner table.

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