Covid19 | Weird times

What a strange time this is. I have had a rollercoaster of emotions in the last few months. Sometimes the fear gets to me and I feel panic, grief, loneliness and sadness. I try to have more good days then bad. I am enjoying spending this time with my family but, I miss humanity. I miss being in a crowd, festivals, watching a great movie in a theatre full of strangers, weddings, hiking and meeting other hikers, working, the anticipation of a vacation and getting on that airplane, loud busy restaurants, hugging people, going to church, chatting with the staff at Safeway, smiling at strangers because we aren’t wearing masks, meeting friends for lunch, not lining up to get into Costco, just feeling free and alive.  This is not normal, but it is a defining moment in our time. We will come out of it and life will be different, but I am so looking forward to coming out on the other side of this.

I haven’t been working.  No one wants pictures right now, weddings are postponed and events cancelled. I can’t wait to see you all again and get close to people!  I have some older sessions to still post, but thought for now I would give you a glimpse of what life at my house looks like right now.

001 1

Social distance visiting with my neighbour over our fence.  (taken with my long lens).


My dog is not understanding social distancing.

003 1

A lot of cleaning.  I think I’ve organized and cleaned every nook & cranny in our house now.


Had some paint in the basement and re-touched all of our walls.


Family board games.  I still question the word ‘glimed’! 


Going for walks in our pyjama pants.


Trying to groom the dog.


Lots of baking.


Making cupcakes and singing Happy Birthday to my friend from the road.


Giving Rocky a bath and blow dry.


Taking a scenic drive.


Going for a bike ride around the neighbourhood.

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