New Year | Personal

I’ve neglected my blog over the holidays, but I’m back at it.  I thought for my first post of the new year I would introduce you to our new family member – Rocky!  The boys have been begging us for a dog for years.  We had a bad go with an aggressive rescue dog about 4 years ago and ended up giving her to a family with a large acreage and an established pack of dogs where she is now thriving.  We were reluctant to try again, but after meeting our friends loveable and sweet Goldendoodle we thought this breed of dog might be a good fit for us.  After speaking in code for several days about a garburator we wanted to buy for our family, so the boys would have no idea what we were up to, we drove out to meet this sweet mild-mannered puppy and fell in love.  We brought Rocky home to the utter shock of our kids and it was awesome!  Last year we did a family movie marathon of all the Rocky movies and my youngest son is still obsessed with all things Rocky.  It was a no-brainer that they immediately decided to name our new puppy Rocky.

Rocky has fit into our family very well and although the puppy stage has it’s challenges he is amazing and we love our little teddy bear.


This is the panda the breeder sent home with us with the scent of his litter.  He still sleeps with it every night.


We didn’t let him into my office yet at this point, but he would fall asleep watching me work with just his nose on the carpet.



At first he just looked at the Christmas tree and then he liked to lay under it.


Loves the snow.