My Boys | Calgary Family Photographer

At least twice a year I drag my kids out for pictures. They are pretty good sports about it, but it’s certainly not their favorite thing to do! My oldest son Jack turned 10 last weekend so we went out to get his 10 year picture! It’s crazy that my baby is ten.  I remember so clearly laying in that hospital bed the night after he was born crying from the joy and feeling like I was the luckiest girl in the world at that moment.

We got a couple shots of my youngest as well and a few of them together for the wall. Here are some keepers and some outtakes!

Jack is totally sick of me now!


Beautiful! They’re so photogenic!


is the last one an outtake or a keeper?? I LOVE it the most out of all of them!


Totally love how the pattern on Luke’s shirt pops in the B/W shots.