Mavin Proposes! | Surprise Proposal

This was so fun!  I met Mavin at Prab & Jessica’s engagement party.  Mavin introduced himself to me during the party and told me about his plan to propose soon to his girlfriend.  He asked if I was willing to secretly photograph his surprise proposal.  In the following weeks we chose a location and plotted out the logistics.  It was pretty exciting.  Mavin’s sisters arrived early and set up a beautiful picnic in the park for the couple.  Thank goodness for the technology of texting, as I was able to tell Mavin to stall so I could politely ask a bridal party in our designated spot if they would mind moving along for a little bit.  They kindly obliged and I was ensconced behind a large tree with my long lens all ready to go when Mavin texted me that they were just parking the car.  Just then a couple of inebriated men started circling the picnic and reached for the champagne.  I had just enough time to yell at them and bounce them away before Mavin & Sandy came into view.  Back to my tree all was perfect and I was able to catch Sandy’s surprise!!  Then she saw me and we took a few shots around the park and I left them to enjoy their engagement!

Darlene McQuinn


Alison Williams

These are fabulous. Thanks for sharing them. Just beautiful.