Mary & Mina | Calgary Wedding Photographer

Ah you can’t beat a gorgeous day out in the mountains!  Mary & Mina had a smokin hot day.  We started out in Calgary at the gorgeous St. Vladmir church.  Then we went out to Kananaskis for pictures and the reception.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day or for more fun!

The deacons were waiting to go down the aisle.  As I took a shot of them, one of them happened to be picking his nose.  This shot of them laughing about it afterwards is better than the nose picking shot!

I love this shot of Mary.  She does that smoldery thing very well.

Maryann spilled some champagne on her dress and Fady swore that the Windex would take it right out.  I thought maybe he was greek!

This shot below is my favorite of Mary from the day.

This group really knew how to party and get out there on the dance floor!


Wow, Wow, Wow! Stunning! You got some good veil in those shots!! Stunning bride too – loved the earrings and her hands/feet!