Lori & Taygen | Calgary Wedding Photographer

This was so cool for me.  Lori contacted me in the spring and asked if I was free for a Monday wedding in July.  It was going to be just the two of them, me, my assistant and the marriage commissioner.  So great!  It was so intimate and beautiful.  I gotta say though that I was pretty concerned about the weather.  Lori & Taygen tied the knot at the amazing, gorgeous Moraine Lake.  What a shame if the weather was bad and we’d have to be inside at such an incredible outdoor location.  On the drive out it was raining and snowing at times and looking very bleak.  When I arrived it was freezing and poor Lori was standing there shivering as she waited.  We wrapped her in a blanket I had brought and found a pretty spot along the lake.  The rain just sprinkled very lightly during the ceremony, not enough to even notice.  Then we went inside with Robin who did the lovely private ceremony, for the paperwork.  We were contemplating the weather at that point and just like that it changed.  The sun came out and it was glorious!!  I can’t tell you how happy I was!  I’m sure Lori & Taygen were too, but I was so excited to shoot these beautiful people with this awesome backdrop.  We spent hours exploring the rock pile and then eventually heading down to Lake Louise for a few shots.  Lori rocked it out and her hair stole the show for me.  I just loved how the wind picked it up and played with it.  Lori & Taygen were a blast to work with and what an honour for me to be a witness to their wedding!


Simply gorgeous Paula! They are going to be VERY happy!


These guys are cool!! I imagine you had a ball… nice work!!!


WOW!!!! Absolutely STUNNING! Those are amazing pictures!


Beautiful work P! Love them!