No Sweat Baby Session

You’ve spent months waiting for your baby to arrive. Although the days are long and you may be sleep deprived, this time is short and precious. Doing a baby session capturing your baby’s milestones will only get more valuable as time goes on.

1. When is the best time for baby pictures

Babies are adorable at all stages, but there are some milestones that are often immortalized in photographs.

Newborn – the best time for newborn baby session is typically within the first two weeks. I think the optimal time is between 7-12 days. During this time they are still fairly sleepy and “mold-able”. They have grown into their skin and any jaundice has cleared. Baby acne and colic doesn’t usually appear until after 2 weeks.

3 Months – they’ve got some eyelashes, maybe some dimples, rolls and big bellies. They are full of smiles and often put their feet in their mouths, which I think is the cutest thing. They can hold their head up and are more animated.

6 months – they can usually sit up and it’s a whole new ball game. They are more social, expressive and you can see their personalities shine through the pictures. This is a great time for a baby session.

1 year – baby is walking, playing with toys and interacting with the family. This can also be a great time for a cake smash shoot.

2. Being ready for the baby session

Stay away from tight socks or tight elastic bands on the drive over, so we don’t see lines on you or your baby’s skin in the photographs. Babies are best simply in their diaper! Feel free though to bring a special outfit, your baby’s favourite toy, stuffed animal & blankie!

A well-fed baby is a happy baby. Please make sure to feed your little one before our session so we can get those adorable sleepy (or “milk drunk”) baby shots. I’m happy to take as many breaks as needed to help them refuel.

3. What to Expect

I keep the room hot! Since you baby will be mostly naked we need to keep him/her warm and cozy. So we may be sweating, but as long as baby is happy, that’s what matter.

Come prepared to have your picture taken too. I of course focus on your little one, but then I love to do some shots of Mom and Baby, Dad and Baby, any siblings and then all of you together.

Patience is key. Baby sessions can last anywhere from an hour to 2.5 hours with cuddle and feeding breaks.

I have a collection of knit boy and girl hats, sheepskins, diaper covers, ties, baskets and wraps. Please feel free to bring anything you would like special to your family. I have had clients bring in jerseys, handmade signs and one client who was a skeleton racer bring in his sled. So anything goes.

4. What to Wear

I recommend wearing simple clothing without busy patterns or logos. You can’t go wrong with solid colours that don’t distract from our main subject.