A smooth Maternity Session

This is a special and wild time in your life and one that is worth documenting with a maternity session! Before you know it your little one will be here and you may find yourself wishing that you had preserved the memory of being pregnant. A Belly session is a great way to commemorate this amazing time in your life.

When is the best time for a belly/maternity session

The best time for a maternity session is when you are feeling good! Generally, around 28-36 weeks is the sweet spot. This is when your baby bump looks great, but you are still comfortable enough to move around and pose for cute belly shots, and we aren’t too close to the due date! However, if you are feeling good and are happy with your belly shape and want to schedule sooner that works too.

If you are expecting twins or triplets let’s do it earlier. Typically 20-24 weeks your baby bump will look nice and round and you will still feel fairly comfortable.

Limelight Photography Maternity Session.

Where to go

I will offer suggestions on location and where I think the photos will look best, but I am welcome to any input or ideas you have. I will guide you through beautiful, fun and candid poses. My goal is to create a unique and personalized experience for you, whether it’s an outdoor setting, a cozy indoor space, or a combination of both. I will work with you to ensure that your images are truly reflective of you and your partner.

What to Bring to your Maternity session

The session usually lasts 1 – 1.5 hours. It’s great if we can include your partner in the pictures or any siblings. Feel free to bring your pet or any props that are meaningful to you. Things like chalkboards, baby shoes, special outfit etc, but don’t let this stress you out. Some clients don’t bring anything and the photos are still awesome. This is just an option.

What to Wear

Your clothing should reflect your personality and be something you are comfortable in. You may prefer to be casual and wear jeans and a sweater, or a long, flowy dress. You can bring both! We will have time for outfit changes and I encourage it, so that you have a variety of looks during your maternity session. Here is a link to my Pinterest board with some ideas for maternity clothes.

Wearing maternity dresses that were designed to show your curves while pregnant are a great option as well, since they will contour to your body and really show off your bump. Solid colours always a good choice or patterns if they aren’t too small and busy, so that your bump can shine.

Limelight Maternity Session