5 Tips for Online Dating Pictures

A great way to elevate your online dating pictures is with some professional images to help your profile stand out among the competition and give a polished, put-together appearance.

Calgary online dating profile picture.

Client Stories

Here are a few emails I recently received from a couple of clients who had come to me for professional online dating pictures, specifically for their online dating profile.  Here are the emails I received a few weeks after our shoot:

Hi Paula,
Thanks for your all your help in taking those online dating pictures for my social media accounts.  I certainly get a lot of people checking me out now on eharmony, about 5 or 6 a day. I’m sure the pictures are attracting the attention, simply because I continue to get comments on my smile or how sophisticated the pictures look.  Your taste in posing me really helped.  I’ve had 50 or 60 women check out my account and I’ve only be doing this for a little over a week.  Several people have mentioned how the pictures that attracted them to me in the first place.

I am grateful that you selected the right place but also for your judgment on what to wear and how to stand.  This has been a really positive experience for me and helped me to get started after my  divorce.  Rather than some hastily taken selfie I believe your pictures bring out the best in me.

Hi Paula, I wanted to share that your photos have been a big help to me.  I’ve been meeting a lot of people and while I may not have found “the one” yet, your photos have made this fun for me by making me feel like I’m putting my best foot forward. The number one thing I hear is that I have a great, natural smile. You nailed that! The good news is when I meet people everyone thinks I look like my photos, which in turn has helped my confidence, which I badly needed.

So thank you again, for making it a fun and comfortable experience.

1. Professional pictures will make your online dating pictures stand out

Distinguishing yourself from the masses can be difficult, but great online dating pictures will help set you apart.  You’ll want to make a good first impression on your online dating profile and the first representation others see is your picture.

What pictures draw your attention?

You may not even know why you prefer some pictures over others, it may be the lighting, it may be the expression of the person, it may even just be the way someone is standing. My husband often tells me jokingly that I just press a button, but I am waiting for a certain moment, cultivating natural expressions, finding great light, or interesting composition.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words

What you wear can reflect something about who you are. Your online dating pictures can express activities that you enjoy doing. Even location can say a little about a person. With one glance, you can tell someone about yourself and if it comes from a place of authenticity, it can even help you find someone with your shared interests.

Man with guitar profile pic

I like to ask clients about themselves as we book a photo session, as it can help us choose the right location, or make some suggestions on what to wear, how to stand or how to capture something special about yourself.

3. The energy of a photoshoot

I love taking pictures for people. I often find people are nervous and unsure of what to expect. I completely understand and I promise I will put you at ease and we will have fun.

People profile picture
Back lane profile picture.

4. Calgary has great locations for online profile pictures

There are so many great backdrops, funky walls, beautiful parks and cool buildings in our city to choose from. However, it is important to choose the best location for you. Sometimes a brick wall is the perfect shot or maybe a park suits you better.

Profile picture with balooons.

5. Reasons to hire a professional photographer

  • Guide you through a photo session – how to stand, where to look, when to smile (or not), what to do with your hands.
  • High quality gear.
  • Edit your photos – natural, subtle editing to make you look your best.
  • Proper composition.
  • Your images are backed up.
  • Care about making you happy.
Social dating profile picture.

Consider me for your online dating pictures in Calgary.

I would love to be considered to take online dating pictures for you. A mini-session is great for this purpose.  Click here for pricing.

We spend a half hour together and you receive 25-30 images.  Let me take some great shots of you that show off your personality!