5 Reasons to do a First Look

First Look

1. A private moment

I think it’s so lovely to have this moment on your wedding day just between the two of you, when you see each other for the first time without a 100 or so people watching you. It’s just the two of you in this beautiful moment together with no pressure and no one watching. This results in relaxed and genuine emotion and can last as long as you like.  A first look allows you to slow down and take the time to fully be in the moment together and enjoy each other before the busy-ness of the day sets in.

If the bridal party is with us, I will ask them to wait around the corner or out of view. I am also not going to be super close. I have found myself in a swamp and once in a tree. I will always use my long lens to give you some privacy.

2. Eliminates the gap between the Ceremony & Reception

This is really great for your guests. By doing a first look we can then do the bulk of the pictures before the ceremony. I like to finish up about 30-45 minutes before your ceremony. You guys can go your separate ways to freshen up. You may think by doing this it lessens the experience of walking down the aisle, but I have found this not to be true. There is so much excitement and emotion on a wedding day, that I have experienced most grooms still choke up watching his bride come down the aisle after doing a first look.

By not having to do pictures after the ceremony, you can also enjoy your cocktail hour. You can be fully present and not worry about having to go do pictures, but instead spend more time with your guests.

3. Look your freshest

First looks are done right after you are dressed and ready. Your hair and makeup are newly done. Your flowers are at their freshest. You haven’t had several guests hug you yet and your dress is pristine. You both look flawless and at your best for pictures.

A First look is done right after you are dressed and ready. Your hair and makeup are freshly done, allowing you to showcase your bridal beauty at its peak. Your makeup is flawless, your hair perfectly styled, ensuring that you radiate confidence and elegance in every frame.

You haven’t had several guests hug you yet and your dress is pristine. Additionally, your bouquet is at its freshest, boasting vibrant colours and pristine blooms that complement your attire and add a touch of natural beauty to your photos.

4. First Look will Calm your Nerves

For many couples, the first-look is a chance to ease their nerves and jitters that often accompany the anticipation of the ceremony. Once you see each other the nerves disappear and you will have a rare moment alone on your wedding day. A chance to to touch, interact, talk and feel all the emotions which will make you both feel much more relaxed. As a bonus your photographer will be there to capture it.

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5. You will have more Images

I find that wedding days with first looks are more relaxed and enjoyable because we aren’t rushing to get all of the photos done between the ceremony and reception. We can take our time to get those artistic, candid and romantic shots. The first look is the best way to guarantee a solid amount of time for photographs resulting in more images for you.