Lauren & Trevor | Love at the Zoo

In my 9 years of shooting weddings, this was my first wedding at the zoo.  Lauren & Trevor did not disappoint!!  We had so much fun walking around the zoo for pictures.  There were so many great nooks and crannies that we couldn’t get to them all, but we sure had fun at the places we did stop for pictures!  We did the conservatory, the sheep, the dinosaurs, the flamingos and of course the carousel!  Lauren, Trevor and their bridal party were a blast and I enjoyed this day so much.  I also have to comment on the donuts!  Instead of a cake Lauren & Trevor had amazing donuts from Modern Jelly Donuts.  There was just one exception – Maple/Bacon Donuts!  Now I believe anything wrapped in bacon is awesome (I have even had bacon-wrapped cherries and if you know me that is a stretch for me), but I draw the line at my dessert.  I was afraid of the bacon donuts, but the brave people at my table tried them and raved.  I stuck to the delicious Bernard Callebaut chocolate ones!  I have one last thing I wanted to say about this wedding.  Lauren & Trevor that night thanked me from the mic.  I am always so honored when I get a shout out from the bride and groom, but this night Trevor said that I was their only choice for photographer.  I almost cried.  We have some amazing talent in this city, so for them to say that to me makes me a little misty even now.  Thank you Lauren and Trevor.

Trevor watching as Lauren approaches for their ‘Reveal’. 


I always LOVE looking through wedding albums and by the looks of this album
I will make sure you have you as my photographer IF I get married x)
Great work!!!!!