Katelyn & Darcy | Calgary Wedding Photographer

I was pretty excited for Katelyn & Darcy’s day.  We had this amazing western filming set location though a connection the bride had, I had a beautiful couple and all I needed was some decent weather.  It was touch and go on the weather front.  The ceremony went off without a hitch and was gorgeous.  We headed out to the movie set which was near impossible to find and a bumpy, windy, crazy drive all the way.  The limo driver wasn’t happy as he slid around on the muddy roads.  It was raining the entire way out.  I wasn’t worried though – it was going to clear up and be great for our photo session.  We arrived ‘on set’ and it was fabulous.  The rain stopped and it was perfect.  I had brought rubber boots for the bride, but they didn’t fit so I wore them and was pretty happy I did.  You wouldn’t believe how much cow dung I have cloned out of these pictures!  We (and really I mean my assistant) kept the bride clean and we rocked out the pictures!



The boys hanging out at the church before the ceremony


Katelyn checking out her flowers before she walks down the aisle.


I can’t decide which shot I like better!