Jenny & Jeremy | Calgary Wedding Photographer

What an exceptional fall day Jenny & Jeremy had!  It was gorgeous out, the leaves were perfect and all was right with the world!  The girls were bustling around in the morning at Jenny’s parent’s house in Lake Bonavista before the reveal that morning.  After the ceremony we went back to Lake Bonavista to capture some more fall splendor.  The bridal party were a riot.  They were up for absolutely anything and it was their idea to hit the playground and get the shots we did.  It was a really fun day for me!undefinedundefined

I love catching people cry.  That sounds bad, but I think it always make s a great shot.  Here is one of Jenny’s sisters showing some emotion.undefinedundefined

Jenny’s Dad hiding in the bush behind us, watching the ‘reveal’ take place.


Jeremy watching as Jenny approaches.  I love when couples do this and see each other before the ceremony.  So romantic!


We had time to do some pictures at the gorgeous Lake Bonavista before their ceremony. undefinedundefinedundefined

I love the look on Jenny’s Dad’s face as he escorts her into the church.  Made me miss my Dad.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedGetting a groomsmen in a tree is always a good idea.undefined

This was an idea Jenny & Jeremy had and I was all over it.  Absolutely loved the shirts! undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined

We finished up the picture portion of the day by having the bride and groom wave to their waiting guests at the Newport Grill.