E Family | Calgary Family Photographer

These guys are one of my favorite families!  I’ve been photographing them since Lauren was first pregnant with Brayden.  I have absolutely loved watching this kid grow and I’m excited to meet the new one!  I gotta say Brayden might be the cutest kid ever!  He is just so freakin adorable and fun to hang out with too!


What a gorgous family Paula:) and beautiful pictures in the park!!! We can’t wait for pics in the park next fall when Evan is just a little older! Save us a slot. ha ha

Paula Bitner

Of course I’ll save you a spot!


Great shots – and what an adorable little guy! So cute!


Of course he’s cute – all boys named Brayden (Braeden, Braden & millions of other variations) are the cutest. It’s a law.

<—– mother of a Braeden