Dog vs Wii

My 10 year old son has been asking for a dog for the last year.  It’s been sporadic, but he brings it up quite often.  In December my husband (unbeknownst to me) told Jack that if he asked for 30 days in a row that we would get him a dog.  Well he did it.  Now don’t get me wrong – I am no dog hater.  We had our beloved Kelsey for 9 years and she was our first baby.  We have not been able to bring ourselves to get another dog until now.  I do love dogs, but we built a new house 2 years ago and I love that my carpet has no stains, my leather furniture has no scratches and there is no poop in the yard.  Despite that, I was prepared to get a dog again because I really do love them.  However, we stayed at my sister’s house over Christmas in a house with a dog and 2 cats.  Cory (my husband) quickly changed his mind on the dog front.  He didn’t like the hair, the poop, the barf and the noise.  It was funny actually.  So once we got home we negotiated a deal with Jack – instead of a dog we would get him a Wii.  It took a lot of convincing and we had to agree that in 2 years we would get a dog.  I found a good deal on Kijiji and it was done that night!  So for now we have the Wii that doesn’t need a walk every day, doesn’t need to be fed, doesn’t poop anywhere, doesn’t cuddle or run to the door to greet us, but it’ll do for now.








super cute guitar pics!!!!


I LOVE the guitar pics! Luke is such a ham!