Cantos Music Museum | Field trip to Cantos

I don’t usually post pictures from a field trip with my son, but this was really cool.  We visited the Cantos Museum here in downtown Calgary.  I was fascinated by the old, beautiful instruments they house.  It is a relatively small museum, but it’s crammed full and definitely worth a visit.  A couple of highlights for me was Elton John’s piano, which didn’t mean much to the kids, but I was impressed.  The Theatre Organ was also something to see.  Our guide played us a little medley on it and it was amazing to hear.  It spans a whole wall full of pipes and percussion.  The kids had fun trying out unusual instruments and learning about different sounds.  It was pretty great.  Check them out here and take the family!

Here’s my son playing the Harpsichord, which was one of my favorites to hear.  Sounded partly like a guitar and partly like a piano.  

The kids got to make a music sandwich – big hit with Grade Three’s.  I thought the wall of speakers was cool!

Here is the Theatre Organ. 

This was just crazy.  It’s called a Theremin and you play it without touching it.  One antenna controls the amplitude and the other the pitch.  It was really fun to try out.

Elton John’s piano.  I love the album cover in which he is sitting in front of this very same piano.


Nice photos.. a great place to visit.

Kate Schutz

Thanks so much! I am the Education Coordinator at Cantos/NMC and your email made its way to me. We loved your blog post so much we shared it on our Facebook page:

So happy to hear you had an awesome time volunteering for your son’s Good Vibrations field trip. We love it when the parents have fun too! Beautiful photos–thank you for sharing!

g5 kidgal

it rocks! we need more field trips here!