Calgary Globalfest | Calgary Wedding/Family Photographer

Fireworks just make me happy!  Like the sun on my face, staring at the ocean or the sound of my boys laughing.  It’s just something about the sky lighting up in colors, sparks and spectacular compositions.  Then when it’s set to music and that’s just a whole new level – amazing.  For the past  5 years we’ve been  going to Calgary’s fireworks festival – Globalfest.  It’s hands down the best fireworks you’ll see all year and it never fails to impress.  We’ve been dragging our neighbors Sean & Lynn with us the past few years and I think they like it as much as we do.  There’s a picture of our little group at the bottom of this post.


AWESOME pics Paula, you’re amazingly talented.

Steph Pedora

I think that you were there the same night as Tyler and I.