Best of 2011 ~ Wedding Candid Shots Part 2

I thought it would be fun to do a post on my favorite candid moments from the past year however, I soon realized the post was getting very long.  So here is part II of that post!  Just keep scrolling down to see the first half.

Ricky and Jen seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day.  There were tears.

This sweet Grandma dropped in to give Rebecca an heirloom ring the morning of her wedding.

Crying sister helping the bride get dressed.

Mom hugging her son at the altar before the bride makes her entrance.  The emotion in her face made me wonder how I will feel when my son gets married some day.  I’m thinking the same.

I love these two.  They had an amazing day!

Trying to get Jeremy out to the end of the dock without getting him wet!

A quiet moment before the ceremony.

Jen adjusting her birdcage veil.

The girls flitting around the lovely Michela.

Ricky and Jen exchanging gifts on their wedding day.

These guys rode into the ceremony on their skateboards – it was pretty cool.

The groomsmen exchanging some last words before the girls walk down the aisle.

Groomsmen always seem to be goofing around!

Johnny looking happy and cool.

I thought it would be a cute picture with the girls dipping their feet, but we didn’t realize how cold it was!

Derek is naturally hilarious!  Lots of laughs at this ceremony.

I have no idea what was going through Jeremy’s head at this moment, but glad I caught the face!

The guys helping a  roomsmen get into  the tree for the shot I had in mind.  After a few minutes he says – “I have bark in my crotch!”

Another one of Craig and Corrina laughing.

This was right after the they walked back down the aisle together after their ceremony.  A quick moment between just the two of them.

Lindsay’s laugh was fantastic!

Cheryl praying for her sister (the bride) with tears streaming down her face (and mine).

Cutie pie flower girl!

Catching some laughs at the reception.

Stay tuned for “Moms & Dads” in my next post.