Best of 2011 ~ Wedding Candid shots Part 1

Yay it’s 2012!  This is a slow time of year for me so I thought it would be fun to do a few posts recapping some of 2011.  I want to show you some pictures that don’t typically make the blog.  My first post in this little series is the candid shots.  I had a client last year tell me that I was a ninja and I loved that!  I love getting those shots when people are unaware that I am there or just don’t care anymore that I’m there!  Of course there are lots of posed pictures taken throughout the day, but it’s important to me to capture some candid images as well where things just happen.  Here are some of those shots.  I like them because of the emotion, the funniness or the expressions that I caught.

Lindsay’s bridesmaids were hilarious and would do anything for her.

I was just walking by at some distance and saw this moment between father and daughter before she walked down the aisle.


Giulia and Jonathan went for breakfast before their wedding and we had a blast!

I thought this was hilarious how the girls sprayed the bride’s hair.

Derek seeing Christa for the first time on their wedding day.  Sweeping her up in his arms.

Chris waiting for Mona to walk down the aisle.  I love to take a shot of the groom with that look on his face just as the bride makes her entrance!

Giulia listening to the vows from Jonathan.

The wedding planner doing a gum check before the ceremony!

Breakfast with the bridal party.

This shot of Lindsay makes me laugh.

So “Sex and the City” coming out of the salon.

Giovanna taking a break from photos for some ice cream.

Craig waiting for his bride to make her appearance.

Lindsay chatting with the girls.

Darcy just before the ceremony.

Jeremy seeing his bride for the first time.  I really love these ‘first look’ shots – I’ll try to limit them!

Sunjay & Johanna exchange a glance during their ceremony.

Craig loving the slideshow.

Little kids are always doing something cute at weddings.  This caption goes for both pictures.

Craig drying Corrina off after I made them get in the river!

Chris showing off his newly placed ring.


I love a crying groom!

I realize now this post is going to require a part two – stay tuned!