Becky & Laurier | Calgary Wedding Photographer

This couple is so sweet.  I started out the day with Becky, her girls and her puppy Gizmo getting ready at the Radisson hotel.  Everyone looked smashing.  Then we met Laurier at the church for a touching ceremony.  Throughout the day I saw Laurier watching Becky and it made my heart swell, the way he looked at her.  You can see in his eyes how much he loves her and how happy they both are.  It was a great wedding to end my season.  Not only is Becky a lucky girl, but so am I for all the amazing couples I met and celebrated with this year!

Gizmo getting fitted for his tux.

The girls hanging out in the jacuzzi.

Tall Trevor

Nice blog! The photo of the bride on the river is gorgeous! The colours are amazing!

Sergei Belski

Wonderful photographs. Love the group shots 🙂