Av & Melissa | Henna Ceremony

Last weekend I had the pleasure of documenting Melissa & Av’s four days of festivities.  Wednesday night they kicked things off with this Henna ceremony.  I am always intrigued by the ability to do this intricate art and how beautiful it looks.  Once everyone got Henna’d-up, ate, there was a shugin and gifts brought to the couple.  My favorite part was watching everyone get busy on the dance floor.  It was so cool watching the family members pass the beautiful red candle-bearing pots (I’m just not sure what it’s called) from head to head and the guys banging colorful staffs on the ground.  There was also a straw instrument that was passed from person to person until there was nothing left to beat and straw all over the floor – it was pretty awesome.

Melissa watching her fiance from across the room.

Father of the bride – he was awesome.