A few of my Favorite Things | Trees

Here’s my second post on some of my fave things to photograph.  Trees!!  I love them all!

Amazing Banyan Tree in Maui.

This super cool tree silhouetted in the sun I saw in Nova Scotia.

A home grown Calgary tree in the fall in Fish Creek park.

You can’t beat BC for some super cool looking forests.

I think this tree is fake in the Animal Kingdom at Disneyworld, but it’s still pretty cool.

I think Palm trees are my favorite.  Maybe because I only get to see them on vacation.

This is my secret tree.  I have taken a few brave brides here!  It’s really steep and ridiculous bugs, but it’s worth it!

I’ve always thought Bamboo was really cool, but to see it growing in a forest was amazing.

More B.C awesomeness

Ok, this one is more about the mountain and overall landscape, but I love how evergreens look in the winter with snow on them.

Loved the texture on this tree.

Here’s that Banyan tree in Maui again from another angle.

The very unique and awesome looking Baobab tree.  The elephant was pretty cute too.

Can’t get enough of the palm tree.

Charlie Young beach in Maui.

The fabulous Burmis Tree in the Crowsnest Pass.