A few of my Favorite Things | Docks & Boardwalks

This time of year is a little bit slow for me, although I do enjoy this time to rejuvenate and get ready for another wedding season.  Calgary isn’t known for a lot of weddings over the winter and families tend to enjoy getting their pictures done in the warmer weather.  So my blog is a little bit slow this time of year.  To make up for it I thought I would do series of posts on some of my favorite things to photograph.  As I look through my personal pictures I see a theme of things I always take pictures of because they are so beautiful to me.  The first are docks and boardwalks.  If we are anywhere near a dock I need to explore it.  I love them.

Gorgeous Scripps pier in San Diego

I love this crooked, decrepit dock out at the Nakoda Lodge

More of Scripps in San Diego

My cutie boys walking on this boardwalk through the forest in Tofino.

Another pier I had to check out in San Diego

Scripps again – I think it’s my favorite one!

Another Pier closer into the city in San Diego.

Dock in Vernon.